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Waking achy! Let's look at Ama in your joints.

Do you waking achy in the morning? This episode takes a look at tendons, ligaments and joints, and the wear and Ama that can lead to joint pain. For more detail on bones and arthritis, see the episode on Bone Health.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Ayurvedic understanding of how the ligaments & muscles function
  • A life-endangered story from Rama
  • Your questions answered
  • What to eat to wake up happy and ready
  • Habits to maintain for flexible muscles

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1:40 - Sprain or strain
5:14 - Why do I have sore muscles when I wake?
7:13 - Pasta makes you hungrier
11:08 - Oil or placebo?
15:00 - Herbs & compounds

Favourite quotes

We go around forgetting our muscles hold us up…so we must strength as we age - Lesley

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