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How to recharge yourself every 24 hours!

The three most important ways to give yourself the energy you need to manage your day are set around good sleep, breakfast and exercise. In this show we breakdown what that looks like and how you can input to get the best output!

We cover

  • Sleep and how to prepare for a good night.
  • What a good breakfast looks like.
  • Efficient exercise.

What you'll get from tuning in

  • A way to cycle into a good night's sleep by what you eat for dinner.
  • How to design your breakfast and lunch so you've less pressure on dinner time.
  • An exercise plan to tailor your favourite movement into.
  • Integration of your body-mind system which gives you a feeling of satisfaction and connection so time slows down!

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Show highlights

  • 2:34 --Operate your body how it's meant to be operated, according to your bio-individuality, to feel charged.
  • 5:10 --Preparing for sleep.
  • 15:22 --Approach exercise with variety every second day and you'll feel marvellous!
  • 21:26 --The third 'magic' thing to bring verve into your days and nights is centred around breakfast.

Favourite quotes

  • "If your body needs a sneeze, sneeze it!" Rama
  • "Sleep is like an Olympic event and you want to get a gold medal in it." Rama

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