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Understanding recurrent UTIs and Diverticulitis.


The Urinary Tract and Colon get attention in this fortnight's episode where we answer listener questions. This episode sheds light on what's happening behind the scene in cases of recurrent UTIs, explains pockets that appear where there's cellulite and settles the situation in Diverticulosis before it inflames to 'itis'!

What you'll get from tuning in

  • Your questions answered from last week’s episode
  • How toxins move within your body and present themselves
  • Ways to reduce and/or prevent the toxins from settling in your body
  • An Ayurvedic approach to Diverticulitis and UTIs
  • Explaining why pain & symptoms happen when detoxing

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2:30 - Rama answers a listener question
4:25 - How toxins move…
6:15 - Pockets in the colon EXPLAINED
9:10 - Why do I keep getting recurring UTIs?!
12:21 - Subconscious stress and uti’s

Favourite Quotes

Your body’s like a house…certain parts of the body can be closed down..the stickiness is a closed door. - Rama
If you think getting rid of toxins is all about moving muscles, it’s not. It’s lymphatic. - Lesley


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